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Basic Tools for Homesteading Part 1 December 31, 2012

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Now that we know what homesteading is, let’s talk a little bit about some of the things that you need on a homestead.  I’ve found a few blogs that talk a great deal about the tools you need for homesteading. I’m sharing some of those ideas with you here. To read more about this visit: 100 Basic Homestead Tools, Homestead Toolkit Part 1, Homestead Tool Kit Part 2.

So what are the top tools you need on your homestead? Let’s make a list:

  1. Hammers:
    Carpenter Hammer
    Sledge HammerBall Peen Hammer
    Rubber Mallet
  2. Screwdrivers
  3. Pliers (an assorted set and the ones below):
    Locking Jaw Pliers
    Needle Nose Pliers
    Pump Pliers
    Linesman Pliers
  4. Files & Rasps:
    Horse Rasp or Four-in-Hand File
    Wood File Set
    Metal File Set
  5. Wrenches:
    Adjustable Wrench
    Monkey Wrench Set
    Metric Allen Wrench Set
    Standard Allen Wrench Set
    Metric Combination Wrenches
    Standard Combination Wrenches
  6. Chisels
  7. Crow Bar:
    Mini Pry Bar
    Automotive Pry Bar Set
  8. Squares & Levels:
    Torpedo Level
    Line Level
    Combination Square
    Chalk Line
    Plumb Bob
  9. Socket Drivers
  10. Bolt Cutters

I will finish this list later, I do not want to put too much on you at once. And our Homesteading Tools series will end with a post on kitchen tools as well.

homesteading tools part 1


What is Homesteading? December 28, 2012

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I have come across a wonderful old blog on Mother Earth News’ website, old as in it was posted on July 13th of 2007. It is titled What is Homesteading. The blog explains homesteading much more than I am able to. Here is what I have learned to communicate from reading it:

Depending on what point in time you are depends on what the term homesteading means to you. Suppose you are living in the mid 1800s, this is when the Homesteading Act of 1862 went into play. This was a government act that provided public land grants of 160 acres to people who were willing to pay small registration fee and agreed to live on the land for at least 5 years. At the end of that 5 years they would be granted a deed to the land. I am now kind of envious of the mid 1800s.

Fast forward to the 1970s, this is when homesteading started to be known as a return to the land. The term began to be known as being self-sufficient.

Today, homesteading is all about self-sufficiency, using less energy, eating wholesome local or homegrown food, getting involved in the community, and making decisions that help your community and the environment around you.

I have found in my journey in homesteading, that it is truly what you make it, you can be as much or as little of a “homesteader” as suits you and your family. For me, I make smaller movements that slowly immerse me into the world of being self-sufficient. I am getting there slowly, learning along the way and being sure to share with others great resources for the homesteader. At the moment my favorite online store for homesteading items is http://redhillgeneralstore.com


The Homesteader Info Gathering Place December 20, 2012

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I’ve been finding information all over the internet on homesteading and prepping. I have been wanting a place to gather all this information and interject my opinions, what I would do differently, what I’ve tried and if it worked or if it didn’t. I think that having this type of information gathered on here would allow others to read it and leave comments that would be mutually beneficial to reader and writer.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you stick around for the next posts and voice your opinion occasionally or often, whatever you are comfortable with.