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Modern Day Homesteading January 15, 2013

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One of my favorite blogs to read is Modern Homesteading, a no fluff look at rural living for newbies. There is a post on there today that I think deserves a read, it is called: What is ‘Modern Homesteading’, Anyway?

There are more than 15 different definitions, all from different people, on the subject. Going to prove what I believe about homesteading in general. It depends on who you are as to what it it means to you.

My favorite definition from the blog?
“It is a journey, a process, not an event or a place. Homesteading to me indicates action. Trying and learning all the time… expanding what one knows how to do on your own. We are all headed the same direction. Some take different roads but we are all going the same direction.”

So, in light of this awesome blog post by Modern Homesteading, how do you define the term?

modern homesteading

In case you missed the last blog, it was about Homesteading Kitchen tools. My favorite place to purchase homesteading kitchen supplies? Pressure Cooker Outlet


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