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Getting Started with Homesteading February 1, 2013

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Are you one of the people out there who are tired of relying on the food industry giants and want to be able to be more self sufficient? If so then homesteading may be the path you should take. Following are a few pointers on how to get started with homesteading.

Don’t Bite off More than you can Chew: What I’m trying to say is start small. If you try to take on everything at once you are likely to get overwhelmed. Homesteading is a learning process, and just like the first steps that a baby takes, it is one step at a time. A small raised bed garden with easy to grow plants and a small compost pile is a great place to start. While you are working on the small baby steps, research into homesteading can help prepare you for the next steps you desire to take on.

Make Homesteading Friends: People who are already doing what you want to do are a great resource of information. Plus it is a bonus if you have excess of one crop and want to trade with someone for a different crop, a preserved crop, or fresh eggs (those are the best!)

Be a Chicken! Wait, I mean, have some chickens. Having a small flock of chickens (once you are ready for that undertaking) is a great way to supplement your homestead. Fresh eggs are great for eating or trading with other homestead friends. Plus chicken manure can help fertilize your garden plot.

Always keep in mind that if you are tired of a situation, whether it is relying on the food giants or any other aspect of your life, take steps towards making it better and you can change your life. It is just baby steps at first which seem like minor changes that won’t go anywhere, but remember baby steps lead to walking which leads to jogging, and soon you’ll be sprinting along wondering what all the fuss was about in the first place.



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