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Storing Dried Beans and Grains February 7, 2013

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As with anything purchasing foods in bulk is a cheaper way to spend your grocery money. It may seem like a lot of money to invest at first, but sometimes the savings is mind blowing when  you look at cost per pound or ounce. But how do you store the extra food that you have left from buying in bulk? Let’s start with the easier bulk foods first, dried beans and grains.

One way I like to store my beans is by dividing them up by how much my favorite recipes call for and adding them all to a mason jar so that when I want to make, let’s say, 13 bean soup, I just grab my mason jar with those beans already mixed up in it and gather my other ingredients and get cooking. Saves a lot of time when I’m not measuring out 13 different beans every time I make this soup.

My sister-in-law stores large quantities than I do though. She has a restaurant in town that saves their large food grade buckets and containers for her to use. She washes the containers out and lets them dry REALLY well before putting her rice and other grains into them. By doing this she is getting free storage (awesome bonus!) while helping keep plastic out of the dump.

I know some people who store their beans in burlap sacks, but I worry about moisture and bugs with that route.

storing dried beans


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