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Kitchen Items for Food Prep & Storage February 8, 2013

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Food storage seems to be a hot topic lately. Many people are worried about food prices rising, especially with the way the economy has been. You can store extra food whether you’ve grown it yourself or just found a great deal at the super market.

Things you need in your kitchen to help you store food.

Food Dehydrator: Great for storing extra fruits and vegetables. I love making veggie chips using the dehydrator and a bit of seasoning. And dried fruit makes great snacks.

Pressure Canner: Pressure canners are great for canning food. And most can also double as water bath canners, just don’t seal the lid.

Canning Supplies: You’ll need jars, lids, rings, jar lifter, fruit pectin, etc. Although what you need for canning may be different from what I need, it just depends on how much you can and what types of food.

Vacuum Sealer: I love using these to keep foods in the freezer from getting freezer burn. Also helps to keep dry goods from gathering moisture.

I love using canning jars for more than just storing canned foods, I also use them store dried beans, nuts, dried fruits & veggies, and much more. So definitely stock up on those.

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